9 to 5 collections


The 9-5 collection is a jugalbandi of hand-crafted jewellery and handwoven silk sarees from Varanasi and Kanchipuram.The aim to make this collection is to add more elegance and sophistication for the working women by keeping the designs very simple and minimalistic. For an office wear we have worked on colours suitable for women aged from 25-50. From the contemporary colours to the pastel shades, each saree has a different story to narrate. It does matter what and where you wear. At Nalli, we are exploring and adding value to our products, so that you look beautiful.

Concept: Charbagh


This is a Kanchipuram silk saree inspired by the Charbagh which is the Persian layout of a garden. The fountains and the trees on both sides leads to the destination, to the main architecture.



In this saree too, we have interpreted the Cypress trees on the two borders of the saree.The body which is plain leading to the end piece i.e pallu which is shimmering in zari.



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Name: Kodi Malar


This is a exquisite Kanchipuram silk saree inspired by the contemporary colours. The importance of this saree is the floral border which is intricate yet subtle and zari is used only on the pallu.



One would always prefer a subtle saree for a office wear at the same time to look the best possible. The blouse is a contrast to the body, it is parrot green for this particular saree.


3) Name: Partly Saree


This is an exquiste Kanchipuram partly saree with contrast colours on the pleats and shoulder.The beauty of this saree is the pink portion is zari brocaded which falls on the shoulder when draped whereas the yellow portion has zari butas and is on the pleats. The simple and bold benaras border gives a gorgeous frame to the saree.



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Benarasi Style


Inspired from the Benarasi style of brocade sarees. This is a kanchivaram saree with zari brocade and multicoloured silk butas.


The flower and leaves are set into a geometric diagonal pattern with silk butas which makes it different than any other zari brocaded sarees..



The borders are simple and bold to make a contrast with the body which has a lot of intricate work.This type of saree making needs extra skill because of the simultaneous work of zari and silk designs. It takes more than 10 days to make one single saree of such design.



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This is a kanchipuram saree inspired by the Ottoman style. Turkish designs are exaggerated and represented in more stylized way..


The most important and unique character about this saree is the design vocabulary.


This is a zari brocaded saree with pink body, border is orange with twill weave and the pallu has traditional intricate designs. The combination of pink and orange makes it vibrant and an ideal piece for bridal wear.



We are developing a collection of designed sarees on this particular style. Stay tuned to look for more designs in this collection.


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Play of weaves


This is a unique Kanjivaram saree with the contrast of silk and zari.


It is a offbeat design where paisley and flower stands together in a different rhythm.


The pink flower in silk makes it vibrant and in contrast to the peacock blue body with a band of small paisleys in zari glitters.



This combination of paisley and flower makes it trendy with a flavour of tradition. Please visit any of our Nalli stores or write to us at to know more about this saree.

Half and Half saree

Half and half 1

The half and half saree is a concept of using silk and zari while weaving a saree and makes it extraordinarily unique design.


This particular kancheevaram saree has silk venki from the beginning to the pleats of the saree which is very subtle and the shoulder has zari work along with the pallu.


The shimmering woven zari butas, stripes and basket weave makes the saree lavish and exquisite.


For women, who would like to wear a kancheevaram for all kinds of occassions, this is the apt one..


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Grids and Lines

Inspiration 1

Inspiration Image : Honey comb

Note: This particular design is inspired by the hexagon grids of the honeycomb structure.

Image Source: Honey Comb

Mock Image 1

To break the monotonous grid shape all over, traditional elements are introduced to give a new look to the Saree.

 mock image 2


The weaving process of our “Grids and Lines” design is being shown here .

 Final image 2

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Revival Design – Korvai


There are few characteristics in Kanjivaram Sarees which makes it unique from other sarees. Korvai is an ancient technique of weaving practiced in Kanchipuram. The word ‘korvai’ in Tamil means ‘ in sync’.

In this technique , the weavers use the craft of three shuttle weaving and interlocking the border to the body. It needs two weavers to develop a korvai saree, each person sitting on end of the borders . Hence contrast borders are the uniqueness of this kind of saree. The pallu can also be a contrast by using the technique named ‘Petni’ where the body wrap is joined separately and then woven.



The design team at Nalli is trying to revive this ancient craft by making korvai Sarees with minimum designs and contemporary colours. The temple motif in the pallu adds extra ordinary elegance to the piece.


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Reviving of the past Vaira Oosi Saree

Vaira Oosi

This design is a revival design. Vaira oosi is a Tamil name for a traditional Kanjivaram saree where ”Vaira” means diamond and “oosi” means needle. Therefore the saree is named on its design. The richly woven diamond shapes in the border and the needle like stripes in the body gives it a lustrous look.

Vaira Oosi 2

 Vaira Oosi  3

At Nalli, we are not only developing new designs but also trying to revive traditional designs.

Below are illustrations of the traditional design with the final image of how we have revived this design at Nalli.

 Traditional border1

 Ganga Janmuna border

 Vaira Oosi _final image1

 Vaira Oosi _final image2

If interested in this collection, we have weaved them in different colours. To purchase the product, please visit any of our Nalli stores or write to us at



This design is inspired from PICHWAI, which is a handpainted textile backdrop used in Nathadwara Temple, Udaipur, Rajasthan


The word Pichwai derives from the Sanskrit words pich meaning back and was meaning hanging. These paintings are cloth paintings hung behind the image of the Hindu god Shrinathji (Lord Krishna) Each pichwai painting is considered a seva or an offering to the deity and hence personifies Shrinathji as a prince with jewels and luxuries, surrounded by the milkmaids, gopis.
These paintings are made to depict different moods of the season or celebrating different festivals



We have taken Cow and jasmine as design elements to represent the Pichwai.

Mock image_pichhwai

Initially we worked on the Mallipoo design and further juxtaposed the cow too. Therefore, the mallipoo in Upadda technique remains subtle in appearance and the cow in benaras (twill weave).

pichhwai saree 1

Here we have our Pichwai collection of Sarees

pichhwai saree 2
Source Of Inspiration : Inspiration from a picchwai This particular design is inspired from the pichwai which is now in the Metropolitan Museum.

If interested in this collection, we have weaved them in different colours. To purchase the product, please visit any of our Nalli stores or write to us at



Jasmine flower, is well-known for its alluring fragrance and can be said to be one of the iconic elements which represent the culture of Tamil nadu. Jasmine flower is known as Mallipoo in this part of the country and so we have named this particular design as Mallipoo.


What is it which makes a design complete or successful? probably in its simplicity and its own character. To make it outstanding and extraordinary we have made the layout look different.Not following conventional type of layout rather have chosen asymmetrical way .The layout looks such as if the flowers have been tossed on the saree.

 Mallipoo_Grapic 2

Final saree mallipoo1  Image

Tamil women proudly adorn their hair with the beautiful jasmine garlands. Through this design we try to convey the importance of this flower to a woman. Introducing our Mallipoo Collection of Sarees.

Final saree mallipoo2  Image

If interested in this collection , we have them in different colours. To purchase the product, please visit any of our Nalli stores or write to us at